Multiple Dummy Cursors as A Defense against Shoulder Surfing (Nov 2012) / SymmetircCursors (March 2013)


Cursor Camouflage shows multiple independently moving dummy cursors on the screen so as to make it difficult for an attacker to identify which software key the user is actually typing. The user can identify the real cursor by observing the correlation between the hand motion and the cursor motion, but it is difficult for an attacker to do so because the correlation is not easy to observe. This method has a certain resistance to video recording and does not require the user to memorize any additional information.


SymmetricCursors (March 2013)

Video via DigInfo

TV NEWS by REUTERS (March 19, 2013) (Source) Cursor camouflage aims to confound criminals


Interaction 2013 (Japan)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2012, Emergine Technolgy (Nov 2012)

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