With the increased usage of digital cameras and camera-enabled mobile phones in recent years, large numbers of photos are being taken. Many of the photos that are taken are used little, if at all .Researchers and companies have developed systems where photos can be annotated or tagged to facilitate storage and retrieval. However, people are often unwilling to spend the time and effort to carry out annotation.To solve this problem, we focus on real-time annotation where photographs are annotated at the time when they are taken. We propose a novel digital camera, ‘WillCam’, which enables users to capture various information, such as location, temperature,ambient noise, and photographer facial expression, in addition to the photo itself. WillCam also helps users express their interest -what object or information in the picture/scene is most important for them- visually.


WillCam Hardware

(1) Camera and wide-angle lens (2) Track point (3) Pressure sensor
(4) Acceleration sensor (5) Luminace sensor (6) Temperaturesensor (7) USB camera


VisualEXIF is a technique for visualizing various types of information concerning the situation and who photographed it: how/where/by whom photographs are taken. Digital cameras usually attach EXIF information (e.g. product name, company name, and date) to captured photographs as meta data. VisualEXIF generates metadata that is composited into photographs. The VisualEXIF functionality focuses on capturing further information with various sensors: temperature, ambient noise, brightness, location, facial expression and posture of the photographer, and so on.
RealFocus is a technique for emphasizing focused objects in photographs. RealFocus extends the existing focus point with special pointers, such as arrows or circles, overlaid on preview images. Users can move the RealFocus pointer icons with a trackpoint, and can change the size of them with a shutter button that has an associated pressure sensor. When a user becomes particularly interested in an object, he can express that interest by pressing the shutter button more strongly.
MetaFocus is a technique for emphasizing focused VisualEXIF icons. The most important target doesn't always exist inside photographs. For example, people may take photos which seem meaningful to them at the time because of extraneous factors. As a result, there original intentions may be difficult to decipher from what can be seen in the photo. To signal this type of associated interest, the author can adjust the temperature icon associated with the RealFocus pointer. Thus, authors can convey their sense of how important a particular photo is quickly, using MetaFocus.

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